CA State License #465960

New Paving:

Is required when we are constructing a brand new piece of property or when a parking lot or road is structurally unsound. We prepare the dirt, add, grade and compact base rock. The asphalt is placed last and according to the customer's wants and needs. We often finish with striping, parking bumpers, signage, etc.

Remove and Replace:

Is often what is needed when a parking lot, road or portion thereof is deemed structurally unsound. We remove the asphalt, base and dirt and create a foundation. Upon this sound foundation, we then apply compacted base and asphalt.

Grinding/Trench Paving:

Is used to facilitate an asphalt overlay being flush with curbs, gutters and concrete; a grinding machine is also used to remove asphalt anywhere from 0-13” deep, creating trenches. We are one of the few asphalt companies in California with our own division of operators of self-propelled trench pavers. Our company can both create the trench and resurface it within hours.


Is the perfect fix for asphalt that is deteriorated but is still structurally sound; it is the perfect way to save time and money in the future. The asphalt is cleaned and sprayed with emulsified tack, which creates a strong bond between new and old asphalt. New asphalt is placed and compacted on top of it. The appearance is the same as that of a new paving project and it is just as sound.

Petromat Overlay:

Is for slightly more deteriorated asphalt. AR4000 oil is sprayed upon the old, but blown clean, asphalt so as to create a strong bond between old and new asphalt. The layer of fabric becomes waterproof when applied to oil, which also reduces the chance at reflective cracking. The new asphalt is laid and compacted over the fabric. This replicates the look and feel of new constructing paving; it's just like new.


Is recommended for all asphalt paving; it serves as a perfect waterproofing membrane and it is also aesthetically pleasing. It is usually best to apply it 4-6 months after the asphalt is constructed so as to allow the asphalt surface to completely cure; it is also a perfect way to maintain older, faded and slightly deteriorated asphalt surfaces.


Is often used to maintain surface littered with longer cracks that is otherwise structurally sound. Unlike seal, which gets into small to medium cracks, rubberized crackfill fits into and seals large cracks. This method of maintenance can be done on its own or, as is often the case, paired with a surface wide sealcoat to maintain the look and feel of a new road or parking lot.


We also install curb, gutter, flowlines, drainage and other concrete needs.


Operated equipment rentals available for your company's needs: Skiploaders, bobcats and a large selection of various sized asphalt pavers and grinders

Additional Services:

We layout and stripe roads and parking lots to you and your city's specifications. We supply and install signage, along with parking bumpers, posts, reflectors and any of your other general engineering needs.