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We Make Cracks in Los Angeles, CA Vanish With Crackfill

When pavement starts to crack, our crackfill services at ASAP Paving in Los Angeles and Orange County, California will make your cracks disappear. Even the strongest asphalt and concrete will crack over time. Treating those cracks as soon as they appear will prevent complicated damage that causes potholes and eventually compromises the foundation of your paving. Small to medium cracks can be treated with a new layer of sealcoat, but larger cracks require a rubberized crackfill. This material fills the space between the cracked parts of the pavement, holding it together and stopping it from growing. Don’t let your cracks get out of hand.

asphalt crack filling

ASAP Paving’s Routine Crackfill Keeps Cracks Small

Asphalt and concrete cracks are easiest to repair when they are still relatively small. Crackfill services should be a part of the routine, scheduled paving maintenance. Cracks in paving are more than just an eyesore. They can be dangerous, and if you let them go too far, they can reduce the life of your pavement. Asphalt may look like it is stone, but cracks move more quickly than most people expect. The more complicated they get, the harder they are to fill, and you will likely need extensive work. Therefore, ASAP Paving’s regular crackfill services save you money over time. It is also a good idea to do crackfill services in conjunction with sealcoating to hide the lines from the crackfill and add another layer of protection.

Crackfill for Any Type of Crack

There are many different types of cracks that form, and it is useful to have the ability to differentiate between them so that you can identify the potential causes. Edge cracks form in long lines less than three feet from the edge of the pavement. They are usually caused by poor support around the perimeter of the pavement. Large pavement sections like parking lots often form block cracks, which form cracks that connect in sections usually larger than one foot. These are typically caused by general weather and stress. Finally, alligator cracks are cracks that form in a spiderweb pattern. These form when the surface is repeatedly under heavy loads of traffic. Whatever the type of crack, ASAP Paving’s crackfill can fill it.

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